Today open 11:00 - 20:30(Last entry 19:00)Today open from 11:00

28. října 377/13, Prague

The Original Tour + Tapster Academy

Enjoy the immersive Experience and learn to pour our Pilsner!

Become a Pilsner Urquell expert

The ultimate afternoon for beer enthusiasts!

Get ready to embark on a beerlover's adventure! Step back in time and discover the origins of the first Pilsner beer, taste our delicious golden brew while meeting our first brewmaster, and experience the brewing processes - our ingredients, the hot brewhouse, or chilly cellars. And don't miss out on the fun in our Game hall! Then head to the Beer Hall upstairs and taste two more beers served by our friendly tapsters, or participate in one of our exciting shows! But the real fun begins at the Tapster Academy, located right next to the Beer Hall. Do you know why pouring beer into a wet glass is essential? Or at what temperature beer tastes its best? And what's the deal with dry versus wet foam? Our expert tapsters will teach you all of this and more! You'll also learn how to spot a clean glass in the pub and learn how to pour the three Czech pours - hladinka, šnyt, and mlíko. After completing our Tapster Academy, you'll never look at beer the same way again. And to top it all off, you'll receive a certificate of completion and a special gift - your own personalised bottle of Pilsner Urquell!


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We welcome our visitors every day except for Christmas and New Year. Current opening hours can be found in the Contact section.

We are located right at the bottom of the Wenceslas Square. The exact address is 28. října 377/13, Prague. Check the map on the link:

Pilsner Urquell Experience

28. října 377/13

Today open 11:00 - 20:30(Last entry 19:00)Today open from 11:00